Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First major prayer request! We are needing to transport important medicine for some kiddos that AIM AIR will deliver. It needs to be kept cold and in our carry-on baggage. We have a doctor's note. Many of us have the room in our carry ons for it, but we are nervous about TSA and how to keep it cold for the long travel hours.

Will keep you posted on progress!

Pearl River

We arrived safe and sound in New York last night. Uneventful flight - which is rare for us. Our driver didn't kill us with his very aggressive driving (also a plus) and we were met by smiling faces and new friends! We had a...unique meal of burritos with baked beans instead of pinto, black, or refried. I ate about half of it before it was too much.

The rest of our team arrives today. One of the Moody students is from Fresno, CA! We have agreed to discuss Central Valley connections later. The excitement is growing inside me. It helps that all day today my job is to rest. I finally feel recovered from our crazy moving week last week.

I love that AIM gave us our schedule for orientation already and planned breaks every day for us. They also said that we are to take a day of rest weekly while on the field. I have never heard that in my other mission trips, but I feel it's important. I'm encouraged by the thought that my entire well being is being thought of.

We know that we will by staying in Mayfield House. It's a large guest house in Nairobi. It has many rooms, and our entire team is staying there too. Last night we explored our surroundings and found some photo albums of AIM over the last 100 years! There were pictures of Africa from mid 1920! I felt awe struck by the culture and commitment of these missionaries and the organization itself. There are so many families that have multi-generational family members serving and living in Africa. I got a little fearful when I read about the few airplane accidents that killed some missionary pilots. I find it hard to trust Nick's safety up there sometimes. I remind myself that God is in control of both of our lives. Nick truly doesn't belong to me, he belongs to the Lord. It is not my decision as to when he gets called home.

Thus far our current prayer requests are: safety (physical, emotional, spiritual)
We praise God for our awesome trip thus far and the excitement that we both feel.