Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Nick and I have felt the purpose for this trip change over the past couple of months. It's been neat to see God speak to us as individuals and then express these thoughts to each other only to discover that we have been thinking the exact same thing! Amazing!

We initially came to LeTourneau and approached this trip as one step closer to being full time missionaries. That isn't the case anymore. We are still excited to meet the missionaries and serve/learn from them but we are now going with prayerful hearts and hopes that God will show us if full term is where he wants us. We are starting to feel more called to staying in the states and discovering and learning what community/giving truly means. Also, Nick struggled greatly with his one maintenance class this semester and he didn't enjoy it. He isn't sure he wants to maintain an aircraft while flying it as well. So we shall see! We eagerly anticipate God's answer in all of this!

Thanks to the five families that have given financially and thanks to the numerous unknown people out there lifting us up in prayer!

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