Sunday, July 4, 2010

We made it!

In response to my earlier posted prayer request about the medicine- it made it just fine. YAY! I asked the flight attendant to put in their cooler during the flights and security in NY didn't question it while the security in Amsterdam asked me about it and let it pass! I handed it off to one of the pilots when we arrived (after taking 2 hours to get through VISAs and customs) and heard it finished it's journey Saturday morning!

We are adjusting semi-well to the time change. Not as fast as I remember adjusting for Romania – but I blame that on being a few years older this time. We still wake up at 3am and fall back asleep. Luckily, we are falling back asleep faster these days.

We are staying in AIM's huge missionary guest house called “Mayfield”. It's a huge hub for missionaries in Africa. We are fed all our meals and have accommodations somewhat like a hotel. It's very nice, esp for Africa. The workers here are all Kenyan believers and they have helped us learn the public transportation system and language. Very sweet guys. Many have worked at Mayfield for 15+ years! They have apartments next to the hotel area where they live with their families.

In 30 minutes we are being picked up by some missionaries to go to the hangar and get a tour! All of the guys are pretty excited. Our team consists of the “LeTourneau 4” Justin B (18, from New York), Michael (21, Michigan) & Nick/me. The Moody 5: Alyssa (early 20s, Washington), John (late 20s, mechanic teacher from Moody) Clarissa (late 20s, married to John, English teacher), Andrew (mid 20s, mechanic with Quest and finishing BA with Moody, Iowa), and Beth (mid 20s, full time mother of Serenity who turns 2 next week, and Lexi who is 5 months). Then there is Justin D. He turns 40 next week and is a mechanic that travels a lot for his job. He is currently in Seattle. Rob is a mid 20 something from Reedley/Fresno, CA!!! He is a mechanic and pilot too. He wrote AIM asking them what they have for him to serve and they told him to join our team!

We all get along splendidly. Laughter and joking are common among us. Well we are off! I hope to write at least twice a week, but internet is super slow and we share 2 computers with the 60+ residents. More later!!!


  1. This makes me really happy! Take lots of pictures!!!

  2. Congrats on your safe arrival guys! I'm excited to hear wbout your adventures in Africia! I just found out about and read through all your blogs! Isn't it cool to see how easily God can provide?! Sometimes I forget-- then I read blogs like yours and I'm reminded of his faithfulness. Thank you for sharing his work with us! (funny-- I'm dailymile friends with s Kenyian runner named Patrick. It would be crazy if you rsn into him;).
    In Christ,

    Hans Tullmann

  3. Hey there! Wow. You're there. You're doing it. I am thrilled (and only uber jealous!) Praying for you as you continue to discern God's call on your lives.